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Going Plastic Free... A Weekend Challenge

in my efforts to be more sustainable, i’ve been trying to get plastic out of my life and home. anyone who’s attempted this knows just how difficult and tricky it can be. there are so many articles / blogs / books about this very thing. but i’m impatient. I just can’t filter through soooo many in an effort to find the magic bullet, the list of instructions that guides me. and then today on my FB feed, I see an article from Bon Appetit magazine about ways to eliminate the plastic. well, actually 14 articles collected. seriously? remember, i’m impatient.

but the one article that first drew my attention is about going plastic free for one weekend. and the challenge is there - friday, march 29th through sunday, march 31st - can YOU go plastic free? big question is how? from shampoo bottles, to hand soap dispensers, to ketchup bottles, the list goes on and on, like a chain of monkeys.

the most important step is taking the first step. most of us ( i hope!) are using the reusable grocery bags. great! but what about the produce bags? you know the ones. it’s ironic how states like california have banned single use plastic bags in stores, but not the produce bags. and yes, some stores are switching to compostable bags, but have you really checked out the compostability of those products?

reusable washable produce bags

reusable washable produce bags

i recently purchased produce bags to eliminate the need for those in the stores. happy to report, I do use them. and i prefer them! i keep a bunch in my car with the other reusable grocery bags. i bought 2 dozen so that I have plenty to transition from store to frig to laundry. super easy. there are lots of different types out there to choose but here are the ones that i bought, available through amazon.

i’m not only up against a food system so entrenched in plastic, i’m up against my own boys who don’t share my drive. so how will this work?

it’s a step, first step. next step is accepting BA’s challenge of a plastic free weekend.

and maybe it’s not about a well thought out list of instructions, but how it raises awareness of all the plastic in our lives. will you join me?