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Dishing it Up for Food Forward

We kicked off our Supper Club last night with a Southern BBQ raising funds for Food Forward.  Super fun!  We had a great group of people who came to eat and support.

To make it even more fun, I had some friends come to help.  Chrystal Baker, the fabulous, is a food stylist for several major culinary shows and is always a pleasure to hang with.  You can check her stuff out on IG at @anyneverywhere and @chrystalcooked.    

Also on the kitchen team was Richard Weinroth, the Head of Operations for Food Forward.  He’s a total good guy and we are so grateful for his help.  He’s not too into the IG stuff so nothing to check out there.  But do check out Food Forward and all that he (they) does!


Before we served dinner, Richard gave us a little info about Food Forward.  It’s always enlightening to hear about the good stuff they do and how necessary it truly is.  Sound bite:  FF saves millions of pounds of food that would have gone to waste and distributes it throughout LA and Ventura counties to organizations that feed those who would have gone hungry.  How?  By collecting fruits and veggies from Farmers Markets and by picking fruit from trees in peoples backyards.  And all by volunteers. Cool, huh? Yeah.  Full of good feels!

But back to dinner.   Like most good Southerners, yes I have a smoker, and yes, I love to fire it up to serve a crowd.  It’s an overnight kinda thing but so worth it!  Here’s what we made:


Tuscan Kale Salad

almonds, parmesan, pickled red onion, roasted beets, lemon vin

Little Gems with Sugar Snap Peas, Radish

 green goddess

smoked pulled pork & Smoked Chicken 

with Housemade Bread, brioche Buns, Slaw, Pickles and

Alabama White, Bourbon Molasses & Sriracha BBQ Sauces

Coastal Cheddar Mac ’N Cheese

Topped with Butter Bread Crumbs and Parmesan

Roasted Seasonal Vegetables

Orange Polenta Olive Oil Cake

I’m sure someone out there is thinking, dang, I missed it!  Well yeah maybe, but don’t worry.  More chances to come.  Make sure that you let us know if you would like to be notified of our future dinners.  Space is limited you know, and our “list” is ever growing!

And if you’ve got a special place in your heart for a local do-good org and would like to host a dinner, hit us up! We’d love to partner and do Supper Clubs for your group too!

Eat happy! Eat healthy!