That Plastic Free Thing... How'd It Go?


yeah it’s been a few months…. but just how did that plastic free thing go? in some ways, great! i’m not buying bottled water for home anymore which is awesome. my guys are all using re-usable bottles and filing them up. and i’ve really reduced single use plastics. and these little babies are bomb!

I tried several different brands of reusable bags but the stasher brand is the clear choice. easy to wash, by hand or machine. they don’t absorb odors. even when I leave a cut onion in it for a week, no odor. herbs stay fresh. bags don’t tweak or get nasty…. I mean, how many reasons do I need? other brands became funky after the same use and washing. misshapen, odors…. not worth the effort. and best of all, it has greatly reduced my use of one-time plastic bags.

totally worth the money.

peace, love and saving the earth, bit by bit…