we can't wait to share...


with our new site, we are excited to become more disciplined and share more recipes, nutritional info and…. travel experiences!

so many friends and clients request recipes and to be honest, i’m not always inclined to share. some yes, and some no. I know that sounds kinda rude! but i’m a chef, and some of my stuff is kinda, you know, secret. if there’s something in particular you’d like to know, please hit me up!

and I do love to travel. we’ve been fortunate to do quite a bit of it, with and without our kids. we’ve found some amazing places and restos and some not as amazing. that’s ok. it’s always fun, no matter what!

so here’s to 2019, and new doorways, that lead to wherever, because it’s the journey, not the destination!~

more food, more travel, more fun! and making plans for 2020 in the process



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